I would like to thank you for the prompt delivery for my set. I’ve been trying to find the right tool, not for trying anyways! The set was exactly what I needed so thank you and your machinists for helping me.

Wayne Heatherill
Online Order, April 2024

I ordered a 1/4" bspt die and stock yesterday, they arrived today. The quality is excellent, I was able to cut a clean thread on a cylinder stem which I couldn't manage using the die I already had. I'm very happy and will use them again.

Mike Knights
Online Order, February 2024

I received the return package today with the ground taps and just wanted to say a big thank you for this! It is very much appreciated :-)

Online Order, January 2024

I have received the taps ordered the other day. Thank you, they look great.

Online Order, January 2024

I received the return package today with the ground taps and just wanted to say a big thank you for this! It is very much appreciated :-)

Online Order, January 2024

I received your package today with the correct taps and die. Thank you very much indeed for your help and for posting the correct ones to me free of charge. Best regards and all the best for Christmas and New Year!

Online Order, December 2023

May I say thank you for my order, the service you provided was outstanding and the delivery time scale first class. I will remember to use your company again when I am struggling to source difficult to obtain taps and dies. Thank you again

Paul Jarvis
Online Order, December 2023

Company ordered at 1pm Wednesday and was delivered in Sweden by midday Thursday!

Due to your excellent service we managed to produce a new tool in the form of a modified tie-rod in no time at all. The tie rod will be used for a service intervention on an old blower from, at that time, W.C Holmes in Huddersfield. The delivery took place during the 70s and now everything is metric. The longer black threaded part is M20 x 1.5 in material 10.9. Thanks again for your help.

Thorsten Klingström
Online Order, September 2023

Received the Tap this morning. Excellent service; I will mention you in dispatches! (Land Rover Series 2 club). Are you able to supply the LH thread tap? Kind Regards

Nigel Green
Online Order, March 2023

Thanks for the very quick response to my order, it arrived today. I will use your company again. Kind regards

Paul Bentley
Online Order, October 2022

Taps arrived this morning - perfect, thanks for sorting so professionally. Did their job and parts were out the door a few hours later. Cheers - first class.

Will Battrick
Online Order, June 2022

Ordered taps and die; received them yesterday. Used them for the job in hand. Excellent! Best taps and dies I have ever used. I started serving my time in 1962 so have tapped a few holes since then. Well retired with a workshop and machinery shop to keep me busy. I am really pleased to find a new British firm producing tools of the highest quality. Isn't the internet great? Would never have found you without it. Many thanks.

David Smith
Online Order, June 2022

Everytime the question comes up on the various forums where people want taps and dies, i tell them, get decent ones from Avon tap and die, or otherwise you are just chucking you money away.. I have had a few things from you, and they have all been GREAT, so, just keep on doing what you are doing!!

John Lewis
Online Order, December 2021

If I'd had known how much better they perform compared with the last couple I've broken, I wouldn't have ordered so many! I've hand tapped almost 50 holes with your set today, the one from B&Q lasted 6 holes the other day. Now I know!

Ashley Arundel
Online Order, March 2021

Have just been using the M4 tap set that you sent me on 7th Dec., order no [hidden]. What a pleasure to use really good quality tools as opposed to the huge amount of awful rubbish that is on the market these days. I have been using them to tap out some holes in cupboard handles that have come from the far east with threads which are not deep enough and are of very poor thread form. It would make my day to learn that your taps were manufactured here in the UK! Thank you for restoring my faith in the tool industry. I am an engineer (marine) and diy man of many years standing.

Bill Zobel
Online Order, December 2020

Dear Sir, I just wanted to say I am very impressed with the quality of the taps and drills I have just had delivered. They have all been used and are very robust. Great price, very quick delivery and excellent quality - what more could I want?

Colin Grainger
Online Order, September 2020

Steve, I am told that your taps are the best. They tried a Volkel M24 and it wouldn’t tap 1 hole. They tried yours that had done 25 holes and it went through no problem.

Malcom Cooke
Online Order, September 2020

Hi. Just letting you know that my tap and die set arrived this morning. I'm super impressed with how fast the shipping was at only 5 days! Thank you very much. Kind regards from the mighty waikato in New Zealand. 

Warrick Hedges
Online Order, June 2019

Excellent service! Very prompt delivery, as promised - other sellers could do well to take a leaf out of you book.

Patrick Wilson
Online Order, May 2019

Very pleased to say that the second M8 x 1.25mm HSS button die arrived OK today. Package date marked 04-04-18. Just cut the first thread with it (on S302 stainless steel) and it cuts very well, no sign of a drunken thread, good surface finish and snug fit on a proprietary stainless hex. nut. A button die works hard cutting stainless steel and no sign of chipping or blunting of the teeth after the cut. A very pleasing buy.

Jon Fletcher
Online Order, April 2018

Drills arrived this morning. Thanks for your speedy service. Will be using you again.

Ian Mccoubrey
Online Order, April 2018

I've purchased a few sets of Taps & Dies from you over the past couple of years, mainly for my model engineering needs. What can I say? Exceptional customer service and top quality products! I recommend Avon Tap & Die to anyone who'll listen! Keep up the excellent work, guys (and gals!).

Andrew Horsfall
Online Order, November 2017

Just a quick note of thanks for sending out the zeus book missing from my order. Fantasic sevice, for which I will not hesitate to use you again. Thanks again.

Max Higginson
Online Order, August 2017

We received the dies and they worked brilliantly - thank you! Would you mind sending me a copy of the invoice by e-mail please? I need to start justifying my spending on the departmental credit card!

Paul Collins
Online Order, December 2016

The UNF tap 11/16" - 16 was duly received. Thanks and regards.

Peer Reijns
Online Order, November 2016

Thanks for the 5/8 UNC taps and die, they arrived safely on Wednesday. I have already used them. Thanks once again for your prompt service. No doubt I shall be in touch to order some more items as need arises.

Brian Vaughan
Online Order, November 2016

Thanks for your order update. I was very impressed with your prices and deals etc. and will pass your details on to my network of engineering friends that I work with.

Geoff Pumridge
Online Order, August 2016

Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the tap and die set received today. Visibly superior to the set I sent back twice to an un-named company!!

Graham Lowe
Online Order, July 2016

Received my order early this morning and job completed before midday. A very big thank you to you and your team for the quick response and speedy delivery.

Michael Goodchild
Online Order, June 2016

Thanks for the speedy response to my order, it came this morning and did the job perfectly. Once again, many thanks.

Robert Bertram
Online Order, May 2016

Diestock arrived this morning 24hrs after I'd ordered it. May I take this opportunity to say how impressed I am with you're service. If any of my friends require any of your products I shall not hesitate to put them in touch with you.

Melvin Edwards
Online Order, March 2016

Thank you so much for your excellent service to me, the tools cut a perfect thread.

William Carter
Online Order, March 2016

Just to say thanks for helping me out with my wrong order. The correct (1.5) taps arrived this morning, and I trust my returned ones will reach you as quickly. Excellent service, much appreciated; I'll recommend you when the opportunity arises!

John Brady
Online Order, March 2016

Many thanks for your excellent and recommendable service. I received my order at 10:30 this morning.

Stevens Ellis
Online Order, February 2016

I ordered a 5/16" UNC bottoming tap last Friday over the phone since your website was down. Just to say thanks for prompt & courteous service, especially considering such a low value order. Tap arrived Monday & job completed. Thanks again.

John Appelboam
PHONE ORDER, February 2016

Goods arrived this lunchtime, so I'd just like to thank you for the excellent quality of your goods and service!

Bob Hanks
Online Order, January 2016

Hello, this is the first time i have used your company, which i found through google. I would like to thank you for your quick delivery and very good Split die, which i used today to finish a urgent order of 50 shoulder screws. I have now put you down on my supplier list.

Dave Manders
Online Order, November 2015

Excellent delivery, and just seeing your products you can see the quality and they did the job well... you will be getting all our future orders. Thank you very much! After all the rubbish we’ve been sent from various places IT'S SO NICE TO GET A GOOD QUALITY PRODUCT INSTEAD OF THE CHINESE RUBBISH GOING UNDER DIFFERENT NAMES.

Mr KHDW Sinclair
Online Order, March 2015

Very impressed by the performance of the die I bought from you. Recut the thread in a damaged crank pulley shaft on an old Alfa and worked a treat! Happy New Year!

Tim Coton
Online Order, January 2015

Hi, no questions, just many thanks for a speedy delivery and brilliant product.

Roger Hill
Online Order, December 2014

Brilliant, HSS M20 X 1.5 through my letterbox this morning. Dry up here so under the bonnet of the little Aixam I went to clean up a thread on the clutch/drive shaft. Your die did a splendid job – the new nut fits a treat. Now for the new drive belt and torquing it all up. Great service, great product, great value.

Jeremy Peters
Online Order, November 2014

Thank you for a lightning service and quality products.

Willie Williams
Online Order, November 2014

I received this on Friday morning, less than 24 hours after the order.

David Kemp
Online Order, October 2014


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